Chinese boy names

Chinese Boy Names ( Baby boy names )

Hello and welcome everyone to my website. Now I am trying to show and I want to help everyone around the world. Here I am writing a little bit description about all baby girls/boys’ namesNames are very important for human beings because names give recognition in everyone’s life. Peoples know each other by name. Here we have a list of Chinese boy names for your beloved son. You can easily find a unique Chinese boy names for your newly born child.

The birth of a child is a very important and special thing for a family and there is a moment of happiness that comes once in the life of a human being.
Children are the beauty of the house, they are very mischievous and very cute. If you have a baby born in your house and you are looking for a cute name for it, then you have come to the right place.

If you are worried about naming a promising name for your baby, then there is nothing to panic about. I have brought very few and beautiful names that you will like very much.

You will find all kinds of names on my website which you will like very much. That,s why I invite you to visit my website. I just hope that you will like my chosen name very much and you will feel the meaning.

Given below are some names that I prepared for your easy list, You can look there and like your baby name.


Name list:

  • Aiguo Love of country
  • An     Peace
  • Bai   White
  • Bambang  Solider
  • Bengt       Blessed
  • Biming     Clear
  • Bingwen   Bright
  • Bo             Waves
  • Bojing      Admiration
  • Boqin Respect
  • Chang       Spirit
  • Changpu   Simple
  • Chao         Surpassing
  • Chaun       Secure
  • Chen         Great
  • Cheng       Accomplished
  • Cheung     Good luck
  • Chi            Younger generation
  • Chuanli     Propriety
  • Chun        Bloom
  • Chung       Intelligent
  • Da     Attainment

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  • Deli   Virtuous
  • Deming Bright
  • Dingbang Protector of country
  • Dong East; winter
  • Duyi Whole
  • Fai     Beginning
  • Feng Sharp blade
  • Fu     Wealthy
  • Gan   Adventure
  • Gang Strong
  • Gen   Root
  • Guang Light
  • Gui    Noble
  • Guotin Leader
  • Hai   Sea
  • Hao  Perfect
  • He    Peace of the river
  • Heng Eternal
  • Hong Swan
  • Hop   Agreeable
  • Hou   Noble
  • Hua   Prosperous
  • Huan Happy
  • Hui   Splendor
  • Jia     Great

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  • Jian   Healthy
  • Jianyu Universe
  • Jie     Pure
  • Jig    Quick
  • Jin    Gold
  • Jinhai Golden sea
  • Jun    Truth
  • Kang Well-being
  • Kong Sky
  • Kun   Universe
  • Kuo   Vast
  • Lei    Thunder
  • Li     Strength
  • Li jun Logic, ruler
  • Li qiang Logic; strong
  • Li wei Logic; high power
  • Liang Bright
  • Lie jie Logic; hero
  • Ling Compassion
  • Liu    Willow
  • Lok   Happiness
  • Manchu Pure
  • Mingli Bright
  • Mingyu Bright jade
  • Minsheng Voice of the people
  • Ning Spirit
  • On    Peace
  • Park   Cypress tree
  • Peizhi Respectful
  • Ping    Stable
  • Qi      Enlightenment
  • Qiang Strong
  • Qiao Handsome
  • Qing Sky blue
  • Qiu   Autumn
  • Qu    Interesting
  • Quon Bright
  • Ru     Bright
  • Shan Mountain
  • Shen Spirit
  • Shilin Intellectual
  • Shing Victory
  • Shoi-ming Sunshine
  • Shui   Like water
  • Song Pine tree
  • Susu Quiet
  • Sying Star
  • Tai-hua Handsome
  • Taio   Distinguished
  • Tao    Waves
  • Tengfei Soaring
  • Tu     Earth
  • Tung Universal
  • Wang Wish
  • Wang lei    King; thunder
  • Wang wei King; power
  • Wang yong King; brave
  • Wei           Great
  • Weiyuan   Depth
  • Weizhe      Sage
  • Wen    Cultured
  • Wenyan Refined
  • Xiang Circling
  • Xin   New
  • Xing Rising
  • Xue   Studious
  • Yang Model
  • Yanlin Beijing forest
  • Ye      Bright
  • Yi      Firm
  • Ying Honest
  • Yingjie Brave
  • Yingpei Admire
  • Yong Brave
  • Yongrui Lucky
  • You   Friend
  • Yuanjun Joy
  • Zhixin Ambitious
  • Zhong Loyal
  • Zhou Assist
  • Zian   Peace
  • Zihao Hero

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