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200+ Cool Nigerian Girl Names

There is a list of Nigerian Girl Names pick a suitable name for your baby. You must be looking for a cute and unique name for your newly born baby, right? This website will help you explore cute names for your baby and help you settle on the perfect one. We have compiled a list of the most searched baby names and here you will easily pick adorable names for your babies. Here you will also get a brief description of baby names.

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Popular Nigerian Girl Names

Here is a list of popular Nigerian girl names for your newly born baby girl. Pick a cute and unique name for your cute daughter. Scroll down to pick a cute name.

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Name Meanings
AbebiWe asked for a girl
AbeniWe asked for her and she arrived
AbosedeA girl who is born on a sunday
Adaezethe daughter of the king
AdaegoThe daughter of wealth
AdakuA girl who brings wealth to the family she is born in to
AdammaBeautiful girl
AdonnaThe father’s daughter
AkachiThe hand of God
AlabaSecond child after twins
AlikaMost beautiful
AyaPart of a larger naming story
AyodeleJoy has arrived
AyotundeJoy has returned
ChiUsed as a first part of a name
ChiagozieGod has blessed me
ChiamakaGod is beautiful
ChidiGod is real
ChidinmaGod is good
ChikaGod is the greatest
ChinaraGod recevies
ChiomaGod is good
DadaCurly haired child
EkundayaSadness has become joy
HadizaThe one come first
IfeomaGood thing
IgeBorn feet first
KayinCelebrate one
LoladeGod is with you
MonifaIm lucky
Popular Nigerian Girl Names

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