largest religions in the world

Largest Religions In The World

Religion is worried about the common convictions and practices of individuals. It is the human reaction to those components in the life and climate of humankind which are past their customary appreciation. Religion is pre-prominently friendly and is found in practically all social orders. Majumdar and Madan clarify that the word religion has its starting point in the Latin word Rel (I) igio. This is gotten from two root words.  There are many religions in the world but we listed the largest religions in the world. These largest religions in the world are huge followers.

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Top 20 Religions And their Number Of Believers:

There are the top 20 largest religions around the world. Scroll down to see the list. We have listed the popular 20 largest religions.

  1. Christianity (2.1 billion)
  2. Islam (1.3 billion)
  3. Nonreligious (Secular/Agnostic/Atheist) (1.1 billion)
  4. Hinduism (900 million)
  5. Chinese traditional religion (394 million)
  6. Buddhism 376 million
  7. Primal-indigenous (300 million)
  8. African traditional and Diasporic (100 million)
  9. Sikhism (23 million)
  10. Juche (19 million)
  11. Spiritism (15 million)
  12. Judaism (14 million)
  13. Bahai (7 million)
  14. Jainism (4.2 million)
  15. Shinto (4 million)
  16. Cao Dai (4 million)
  17. Zoroastrianism (2.6 million)
  18. Tenrikyo (2 million)
  19. Neo-Paganism (1 million)
  20. Unitarian-Universalism (800,000)

How Many Religions around the World

There are 200+ religions and a lot of followers of each religion. If you are searching for the religions in the world, these articles help you see the list of their followers.

World Population by Religion

About 85% of the world’s people identify with a religion. The most popular religion is Christianity, followed by an estimated 2.38 billion people worldwide. Islam, which is practiced by more than 1.91 billion people, is second. However, population researchers predict that Islam will have nearly caught up to Christianity by 2050. Other religions measured and projected include Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and two umbrella categories. The first is “folk religions”, which collects traditional African religions, Chinese folk religions, and both Native American and Australian aboriginal religions. The second is “other religions”, a catch-all that tracks smaller faiths such as Shintoism, Taoism, Sikhism, and Jainism. Finally, a significant number of people—nearly 1.2 billion worldwide—remain nonreligious or have Atheist beliefs.

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