Popular muslim boy names

Popular Muslim Boy Names

Popular Muslim boy names refer latest trending names in Muslim society and the world. As you consider popular Muslim boy names for your little one, you can choose from many sources of inspiration, You might draw inspiration for the perfect name by considering trending names or unique names.
The most important thing to reflect on when choosing a Muslim boy’s name is to make sure that the name carries significant meaning and that you avoid making an Islamic name. Muslim names are often inspired by the Quran or holy book or by Quranic verse.

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Unique Muslim Boy Names

Here we the list of modern Muslim boy names. You can easily find a suitable name for your newly born baby son.

AbidOne who worships
AdilOne who acts with justice and fairness
AmirFull, prosperous
AarizThe respectable and intelligent man
AbanClear, lucid
AbadSlave or servent
AbrahamFather of a multitude
AdeelOne who acts with justice and fairness
AdnanSettler or pioneer
AhmadThe most praised
AhmedPraiseworthy or commendable
AliHigh, elevated, or champion
AmeerPrince or ruler
ArhamMost merciful
ArsalThe one who was sent
AtharVery pious or pure
AyaanGod’s gift
DanishA Persian word that means knowledge or wisdom
EmirPrince of the local king
FaizPlenty or much good
FajrDaybreak or dawn
HabibBeloved or most loved
HadiLeader of the guide
HadithHistory of tradition
HakeemWise and intelligent
HaiderLion or brave
HarisGuardian angel
HussainGood, handsome, or beautiful
JibranTo create good change
JunaidSoldier or warrior
KamalPerfection and excellence
KarimGenerous or noble
MalikLord or ruler
MisamBeautiful, cute, or attractive
MohamedPraised or commendable
MuhammadPraised, thanked
MoosaSave boy the water
NaifExcess or surplus
NasirHelper or one who gives victory
OmarFlourishing or long-lived
OmariGod is the highest
RashadRightly guided
RayanWatered or luxuriant
SalimSafe or undamaged
SamirA holy or charming companion
SibtainImam Hassan and Hussain title in Urdu
TabishWarmth or brilliance
TalalNice, admirable
TalhaFruitful tree from heaven
TawfeeqSucess or prosperity
UmairLife and long-lived
UzairHelper or strength
WaqasCombatant, soldier
YusufGod increases
ZaydTo prosper
ZuhayrSparkling, brilliant
ZulfiqarCleaver of the spine
ZunairLight of the moonshine
Popular Muslim boy names

Islamic Popular Names For Boy With Meaning

There are 100+ Islamic popular names for boys. You can easily, pick a suitable name for your baby boy. We have listed such a sweet name for your beloved son. Scroll down to find such a cute name for your newly born baby.

ArhamMercy, compassion, Kindness
AyanGift of God, Reward, Blessing
AryanWarrior, Invasionary mind people
ZayanBeautiful, Hospitable, Graceful
AnasAffection, love, pleasant companionship
RehanScented, fragrance, a fragrant plant
HuzaifaWise, intellectual man
ZainBeauty, adornment, graceful boy
RayanSoft-touch, fresh, paradise gate
AzianLion, brave, courageous man
ImranHappiness, Prosperity, great pleasure
ShayanWorthy, deserving, meriting
AliEminent, noble, high in rank
HamzaLion, competent, brave man
ArishRighteous, noble, a brave soldier
AayanGod’s gift, manifest, blessing
SaadFelicity, good fortune, good luck
Zeeshanthe glory, magnificent, high in dignity
JunaidSufi saint, spiritual, young fighter, warrior
AdnanSettler, one who settles for a long time in a place
FaizanGreat beneficence, charity
SufianFast-moving, light, nimble
IrfanThankfulness, knowledge, wisdom
AsifForgiveness, strong, powerful, fierce
SahilRiverbank, coast, shore
RohanAs a pure spirit, spiritual
SalmanCompanion, Especially of prophet Muhammad
TaimoorSelf-made, made of steel, strong
RizwanAcceptance, goodwill
HamdanPraiseworthy, the praised one
UmarName of the second Caliph
FahadPanther, leopard, strong, fast
AsadLion, virtuous, fortunate
Islamic popular names for boys with meanings

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