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200 Popular Muslim Girl Names

Popular Muslim girl names are the latest trending names around the world and in Muslim society. If you are considering Muslim baby girl names for your little baby daughter, a beautiful name that carries meaning and honor for the Quran and Muhammad (PBUH) is most likely your priority.

If you are looking for a sweet and cute popular Muslim girl names then you can like it from our list here. We have come up with some very cute and beautiful names that will suit your daughter. The name popular Muslim girl names are one of the most searched names in the world. We’ve put together a beautiful menu list for your convenience that you will love.

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Unique Muslim Girl Names

You can see the popular Muslim names below which are very unique, we hope you will like these names very much. Nam Guru is a platform where you can find a lot of names. Here you can find the popular Muslim girl names of children of any religion. You can choose for your daughter whatever you like from this menu.

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Names Meanings
Ayesha Alive, well-living, happy living
Anabia The gate of heaven, the gate of paradise
Inaya Help, care, protection
Sana Light, radiance, to grow, resplendence
Fatima To abstain, chaste, captivating
Ayat Holy Quran’s verses, signs, proof
Aaira Noblewoman, honorable and respectful lady
Zoya Alive, loving, caring girl
Aiza Nobel, respectful
Zara High status, exalted, eastern splendor
Naira Radiant, brilliant, full of light
Kiara The little black one, dark-haired
Abeeha Her father, nicknamed Hazarat Fatima
Zainab Generosity, munificence, fragrant flower
Haniya A place to rest, to b happy
Neha Loving, affectionate, rain
Maira Favorable, admirable, light
Mahira Expert, skilled, talented
Sara Pure, happy, laughter
Anam A present, precious gift from Allah
Ayra Vision-filling, eye-weakening, respectable
Amyra Princess, commander, highborn girl
Maryam Virgin, figurative, pious, devout, chaste
Aqsa Farthest, the mosque name height, limit
Laiba Gorgeous, pretty, a beautiful Hoor of Heaven
Hoorain Beautiful eye, fabulous friend
Humaira From the Arabic name meaning reddish
Arya Honored, noble
Afreen Beautiful, Brave, Acclaim, Stimulation
Ruhi Spiritually, of spirit, Mystic
Aiman Righteous, blessed, lucky
Isha Life, way of life, woman, she who lives
Alisha Protected by God, Noble kind
Hafsa The name of The holy prophet’s wife
Iqra The first word of the Quran, to read, to recite
Mahnoor Light, Radiance, Moon, Moonlight
Arisha Throne, to Build, Highness
Muntaha The utmost, highest degree, high status
Anita Grace, Raise, promote, favor
Hareem Sanctuary, sanctum, walls of the house of Kabba