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200 Unique Biblical Girl Names

we have listed a lot of Biblical girl names for your little beautiful daughter. Biblical girl names have long been a favorite of parents. If you are looking for a cute and unique name for your baby then see our name list and pick a suitable name for your baby.
Here is the list of 200+ Biblical girl names for your beloved baby daughter. Scroll down to pick a cute name for your baby.

If you are the religious type, our name list gives you satisfaction to find a cute name for your baby girl. Don’t worry about choosing a name for your baby girl, we are here to help you.

Popular Biblical Girl Names for your Daughter

Here is the list of popular Biblical girl names for your newly born baby daughter. Check our list and pick a cute name for your baby.

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Names Meanings
Abiah God is my father
Abigail Father’s rejoice
Abilene Grass
Abital Father of dew
Achsah Ankle bracelet
Adah Adornment
Adalia God is my refuge, noble one
Adina Noble, gentle, delicate
Adriel Congregation of God
Alvah Elf
Angela Messenger of God
Anna Gracious
Areli Golden
Ariel Lion of God
Artemis Butcher
Asenath She belongs to her father
Baara Flame
Bela She of fair skin
Bernice Victory bringer
Bethany House of figs
Bethel House of God
Beulah Bride
Candace Clarity. Whiteness
Carmel Garden, Orchard
Carmi Garden, Orchard
Channah He (God) has favored me
Chole Green sprout
Claudia Lame
Damaris Gentel
Daniela God is my judge
Deborah Bee
Diana Heavenly and Divine
Dinah Justified
Eden Paradise
Edna Renewer
Elisha Noble
Eva Life
Eve Life, animal
Faith Devotion
Gabriela God is my strength
Genesis The begining
Grace Gracious one
Hadassah Myrtle tree
Hagar Forsaken
Hannah Grace
Honey Nectar
Hope Besire to be
Iscah Behold
Jael Mountain goat
Jemima Dove
Jewel Plaything, delight
Jezebel Pure, virginal
Joy Happines
Julia youthful and downy
Keren Glorious dignity
Keturah Incense
Keziah Cassia tree
Leah Weary one
Lillian Lily flower
Lois Superior
Mahlah Sickness
Mara Bitter
Mary Of the sea
Merry Joyful
Milcah Queen
Miriam Of the sea
Naomi Pleasent one
Neriah Lamp of God
Noa Movement
Noemi Pleasent
Olive Olive tree
Orpah Fawan
Paula Small
Peninnah Pearl or coral
Persis From Persia
Prisca Ancient, venerable
Rachel Ewe
Rebecca To join
Rebekah To bind
Rhoda Rose
Rose Rose flower
Ruth Friend
Salome Peace
Sapphira The pretty one
Sarah Princess
Sarai Priencess
Selah Rock
Shiloh His gift
Talia Heaven’s dew
Tamar Date Palm
Terah Earth
Vashti Beautiful
Victoria Victory
Yael Mountain goat
Zemira Pradise
Zibiah Doe
Zillah Shadow
Zilpah The retiring one
Zina Guest
Zipporah Bird

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