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200 unique Irish Boy Names

Irish boy names are the most popular names in the US. Irish boy names evolved over the centuries based on historic events of the time. Here is the list of the top 100 Irish boy names mentioned below.

If you are looking for a cute and unique Irish baby boy name for your newly born baby, Then you are in right place to find out a cute and unique name for your baby. You can easily find out a name for your baby from the given list below.

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Modern Irish Boy Names

Here is the list of old and traditional boy names, you can easily pick a cute name for your baby boy. We have listed the top 50 traditional Irish names for your lovely baby boy.

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Check the list of names given below, and scroll down to pick a suitable name for your baby.

Names Meanings
Aban Little abbot
Alois Famous in war
Aodh Fire
Bain Fair haired
Beacon Little one
Brogan Little Shoe
Caelan Warrior
Cianan Ancient
Coileain Irish bishop
Conall Strong in battle
Cormac Charioteer
Daithi Swift or Nimble
Daly Counselor
Dara Oaktree
Declan Good
Delin Brave
Diarmuid Irish demi-god
Eamon Guardian or protector
Eoghan Young
Eoin God is gracious
Fallon Leader
Fiadh Wild
Finn White or fair
Galvin Bright
Girvan Small rough one
Hagan Viking
Hugh Fire
Jarlath Lord
Kollan One who worships a different God
Kane Ancient
Keiran Dark
Leith Wide
Lochlain Viking
Lonan Little black bird
Lorcan Little fierce one
Mack Son
Merric Ruler of the sea
Micheal Red Earth
Nevan Holy
Niall Warrior or Champion
Odhran Small green one
Oisin Little deer
Phelan Wolf
Quillan Cub
Riordan Poet
Rourke Champion
Saorirse Freedom
Taber Well
Taveon Hillside

Unusual Irish Boy Names

Here is the list of unusual names. Find out a name for your baby from the given link below. The top 50 unusual Irish boy names are listed below. You can easily pick a suitable name for your baby.

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Names Meanings
Abban Little abbot
Aengus Excellent valor
Ailin Elf
Bairre Fair headed
Bartle Son of talmal
Bran Raven
Caden Battle
Cael Slender
Cathair Warrior
Dacey A talent, a vassal
Dara Son od oak
Daley Assembly, gathering
Eamon Protector of prosperity
Eanna Bird-like
Eoin God is gracious
Faelan Little wolf
Faolan Wolf
Flynn Red, ruddy
Gilroy Red
Goban Little smith
Grady Noble
Hanley Champion
Harbin Bright army
Hurley Lord of the west
Iarfhlaith Lord of the west
Iomhar Bow warrior
Ionatan God has given
Kathel Battle ruler
Kearney Victor, winner
Keefe Beloved, comely
Lanty The devotee of saint seasonal
Liam Will helmet
Lugh Oath
Mac Dara Son of oak
Madoc My dear aedh
Molan Servant of the storm
Neill Champion
Nevin Little saint
Nolan Little chariot fighter
Oisin Little deer
Oscar Deer lover
Oilill Elf
Parth Son of tarmac
Pol Small
Quinn Freeman, strength, hound
Reagan Furious
Roy Bright fame
Senan Little wise one
Tomas Twin
Ultan Of ulster

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