200 Hungarian female names

200 Hungarian Female Names

200 Hungarian female names for your infant ought to mirror the sort of young lady she is. A couple of the normal names we ran over each day are of Hungarian beginning like Alexa, Barbara, Sara, and Erika. These are truly famous names all over the world. Here, we present to you a couple of extraordinary names and lovely child young lady names which stand apart from different names. These Hungarian child names are most likely going to make your young lady stand apart from the group.

Conventional 200 Hungarian female names are composed of the family name, last name first, and the given name second. In view of this one-of-a-kind naming framework, guardians searching for Hungarian-motivated names can look over both family names and exemplary given names.

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Popular 200 Hungarian Female Names

Numerous 200 Hungarian female names are very normal from one side of the planet to the other. A famous Hungarian female names is ideal for your child young lady as it keeps it intriguing but exemplary. This rundown presents a ton of extraordinary 200 Hungarian female names for child young ladies which sound female and exceptional as well.

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Names Meanings
Adrienn From Hadria
Agi Good, chaste, holy
Agnes Chaste, holy
Agota Good
Alida Noble sort
Aliz Noble sort
Amalia Work
Anastasia Resurrection
Aniko Favor, grace
Annushka Grace
Aranka Golden
Beata Blessed
Bernadett Bol as a bear
Bianka White
Borbala Foreign, strange
Bozsi God is my oath
Cili Blind
Csilla Star
Dora Gift of god
Dorika Gift of god
Dorottya Gift of God
Duci Magdala
Edit Rich battle
Ema Entire, whole
Emese Mother
Eneh Deep
Eniko Deer
Erzsebet God is my oath
Erzsi God is my oath
Eszter Star
Eszti Star
Etel Noble
Eufrozina Joy, mirth
Eva Life
Evike Life
Felica Happy or lucky
Felician Happy or lucky
Felicitas Fortune, Good luck
Firenze Blossoming
Flora Flower
Franci French
Franciska French
Frida Peaceful ruler
Fruzsina Joy, Mirth
Gertrud Spear strength
Gizela Pledge
Gizella Hostage
Gizi Noble offspring
Gyongyi Pearl
Gyorgyike Earthworker
Hajna Favor, Grace
Hajnal Dawn
Ibolya Violet flower
Ildi Battle
Ildiko Battle
Ildo Battle
Ili Torch
Ilka Torch
Ilona Torch
Ilonika Torch
Iren Peace
Irmuska Entire, Whole
Izabella God is my oath
Janika God is gracious
Jola Violet flower
Jolan Violet flower
Jolanka Violet flower
Jozefa God shall add another son
Judit Jewess or paradise
Julia Descended from Jupiter
Julianna Descended from Jupiter
Juliska Descended from Jupiter
Kamilla Attendant for a temple
Karola Man
Karolina Man
Kata Pure
Katalin Pure
Katarina Pure
Kati Pure
Kati Pure
Kinga Brave war
Kitti Pure
Klara Clear, bright
Kornelia Of a horn
Krisztina Believer
Licia Happy or lucky
Ludmilla People’s favor
Luza Famous warrior
Magdolna Of magdala
Margareta Pearl
Margit Pearl
Maria Obstinacy
Marta Lady, mistress
Matild Mighty in battle
Monika Advise, counsel
Natalia Birthday
Nikolett Victor of the people
Orsolya Little she-bear
Panni Favour, grace
Piri Ancient
Piroska Ancient
Rahel Ewe
Rebeka Ensnarer
Renta Reborn
Roza Rose
Sara Noble lady
Sarika Noble lady
Szilvia From the forest
Teca Harvester
Teodora Gift of God
Terez Harvester
Timea Honor
Tunde Fairy
Tunder Fairy
Valeria To be healthy
Viktoria Victory
Vilma Will-helmet
Virag Flower
Xenia Stranger
Zsanett God is gracious
Zsa zsa Lily

Unique 200 Hungarian female Names

Numerous 200 Hungarian female names are very normal everywhere. A famous 200 Hungarian female names is ideal for your child young lady as it keeps it intriguing but exemplary. This rundown presents a ton of incredible Hungarian child names for child young ladies which sound ladylike and interesting as well.

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Here is the list of Unique 200 Hungarian female names for your newly born baby. Pick a suitable name for your baby.

Names Meanings
Adel Graceful and nobe
Adrienn Women from Adira
Agota Good-hearted
Akida Graceful and noble
Aliz Graceful
Angyalka God’s messenger
Aniko Gracious, merciful
Barbara Stranger, foreigner
Borbala Stranger, foreigner
Cili Blinded
Dorika God’s gift
Dorottya God’s gift
Duci Women from Magdala
Edit Fighting to be rich
Erzsebet Promise of God
Erzsi Promise of God
Eszter Star-like
Evike Living and breathing
Fanni Women from France
Franci Women from France
Gizella Oath
Gizi Oath
Gyorgyi Farming women
Gyorgyike Farmimg women
Ildiko Fighting a war
Ildo Fighting a war
Ili Torch of light
Ilka Torch of light
Iren Women of peace
Jazmin Jasmine flower
Jozefa God raises
Juli Soft-haired
Juliska Soft-haired
Karola Free women
Kata Chaste, pure
Katalin Chaste, pure
Katalinka Chaste
Kati Pure
Kato Pure
Kitti Chaste
Laura Bay laurel tree
Lujza Well-known fighter
Magdolna Woman from magdala
Margita Pearl
Martuska Lady of the house
Nikolett People’s triumph
Orsolya Strong as a little bear
Panni Gracious
Rahel Sheep’s friends
Rita Pearl
Sarika Princess, lady-like
Szandra Protector of humanity
Szilvia From the woods
Teca Summer harvest
Terez Summer harvest
Terezia Summer harvest
Zsazsa Lily
Zsofia Women of wisdom
Zsofika Women of wisdom
Zsoka Promise of God

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