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Best Anime Girl Characters – 4 Anime Girls You Can Relate To

As a fan of anime girl, you can’t resist the lovely ladies of the anime world. From Tohka Yatogami to Mei Misaki to Hitagi, there are a wide variety of anime girls that you can relate to. Let’s get to know these four characters better. You’ll love their unique personalities and the way they react to situations.

Anime Girl Characters

Here we have 4 anime girls you can relate to.


Anime Boy

Tohka Yatogami

Tohka Yatogami is a character in the anime series Evangelion. Her astral form is called Adonai Melech, a name taken from the Jewish God. Her normal form is called Tohka. Her name is pronounced “to-ka” in the anime, which means “to-kay”. However, she is more often referred to by her inverse form, which is Tohka Yatogami.

Tohka is an anime girl who is like a child. She is gullible and naive, but also extremely perceptive. Like Yoshino, she craves affection and head pats. Her naivety makes her vulnerable and easy to manipulate. She is not able to communicate with the outside world, so she reacts to the people around her.


Akeno is a masochistic girl. She has stated that she has some masochism, but only towards Issei. Akeno flirts and plays with Issei and has some sexual arousal. In the beginning, she’s not very seductive, but as the story progresses, Akeno becomes more seductive. She also gets jealous, just like any girl would. If Issei tries to win her heart, Akeno will fight for her man.

Although she’s sexy, Akeno has a sensitive side. Her vulnerability shows when she takes off her mask. She depends on her men (Baraqiel in the manga) and can become depressed when one of them is in danger. She got stressed out when Issei was injured during the Rating Game and was convinced that he was dead.

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Mei Misaki

Mei Misaki, the shortest person in her class, is a popular student at Yomiyama North Middle School. Sadly, she dies part way through the year, but her death leaves the other students acting as if she were still alive. She even appears in the school’s graduation photograph. When Koichi Sakakibara transfers into the school in Class 3-3, she meets Mei. Together, they investigate a strange phenomenon. As the season progresses, students start dying in gruesome ways.

The manga series features several other characters who are similar to the main characters. Mei is a girl whose twin sister, Misaki, was separated at birth. When the two girls grow up, the twins are adopted by Yuikyo and their mother is named Mineko. During their school days, Yumi used to go to school with Mei and thought she was an extra. In the anime, Yumi Ogura attempts to kill Mei, but Mineko tries to stop her. The other characters, like Junta, Takako, and Izumi, also try to kill Mei, but she survives.


Hitagi in Anime Girl is a young woman with a difficult past. Born to a wealthy family with a high-ranking position in a foreign corporation, Hitagi had to undergo a dangerous operation when she was a child. Later in life, her mother joined a mysterious cult and became absorbed in it. During her middle school years, Hitagi participated in track and field.

Hitagi’s first name is written in kanji and katakana, resembling a Chinese word for fertilizer. It is also a pun on the Japanese word “Qi Xi,” which is celebrated on Hitagi’s birthday.

Irina Jelavic

The name “Irina Jelavic” is not uncommon among Anime girls. It is a combination of the letters “I” and “J.” This combination suggests a girl with an analytical mind who is willing to take risks and try new things. She also shows a desire to live a life filled with joy and usefulness.

As a teacher at Korosensei’s academy, Irina teaches language arts and the art of conversation. Then, she complains about Korosensei’s obsession with breasts and is attacked in the staff room. The assailant turns out to be Irina’s mentor, Lovro, who has a history of training children to kill. The assailant wishes to take Irina off her mission because of the alleged breach of her undercover status. Korosensei intervenes, but Irina tries to convince him to let her stay.

During her childhood, Irina Jelavic was adopted by Lovro and Olga. She was a wandering child when she was young, and she was raised by her adoptive parents, Lovro and Olga. During her time in Class 3-E, she developed a relationship with her parents and learned to live with her identity as a hit woman.

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