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Cute Funny Cat Videos 2022

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Funny Cat Videos and Photos to Laugh At

funny cat videos

Laughter is an effective mood enhancer. It can improve energy levels and lift your mood, and funny cat videos and photos can help you to do just that. Whether you are feeling blue, depressed, or overwhelmed, find something to laugh about to brighten your day. The best part is that you don’t have to look far to find a funny cat video or a funny photo.


Some of the most entertaining funny cat videos are those with ducks! These adorable pets seem to be communicating with one another by making funny noises. In another funny cat video, a cat chases a duck. The cat then kills the duck in one second! It’s one of those rare funny cat videos with a storyline.

People from all over the world love watching funny cat videos. They say that watching funny videos makes them laugh and relieve stress. There are many videos available on the web where cats do various tricks. One of the most famous cats on YouTube is Puff. This little guy is always up for a fun challenge, and his failed attempts are often hilarious!

Gone With The Wind

This classic funny cat video has received over 5.5 million views and is included in many vintage compilations. It’s a funny story about a cat that gets dragged into a baby’s bath but manages to escape, soggy and annoyed. The cat, of course, isn’t the only one who gets dragged into the bathtub!

Bongo Cat

Watching funny cat videos featuring Bongo Cat is one of the easiest ways to de-stress and unwind after a long day. This multi-talented kitty plays bongos, cymbal, cowbell, tambourine, piano, marimba, and more. Not only does this kitty play great music, but he also gives a very cute meow!

Bongo Cat has become an internet sensation. He started as an animated GIF that has since evolved into tons of other hilarious cat videos. Originally, it was a simple gif of a cat playing bongos to music from Super Mario World. It has since been remixed to play other songs.

After the viral success of the original video, people began creating their own versions of Bongo Cat. These videos continued to become more popular and often featured the cat playing other instruments. As the internet community grew, more people were attempting to imitate this famous cat. Some people even went so far as to make videos featuring other instruments in addition to bongos!

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If you’re a fan of Pusheen the cartoon cat, then you’ve probably seen a bunch of funny cat videos featuring him. The internet sensation was created by Claire Belton in 2010 and now has over nine million followers. You may also be familiar with the Internet meme known as Bongo Cat, which was first an animated cat gif that has since been edited to add bongos and music from the Super Mario World soundtrack. But before you start laughing at him, you should first know who he is.

Pusheen is a grey cartoon cat that has become a social media phenomenon. He has appeared in a series of funny cat videos and comic strips, as well as on Facebook stickers. His name, which means “kitten” in Irish, stems from his naughty habits. Whether he’s doing a chore or playing with his toys, Pusheen captures the imagination of millions of people. He has even gotten his own blog which is used in social media posts and animated GIFs.

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